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Many people home schooling GCSE work together to provide different teachers for different subjects.

Keep reading and maths skills up to scratch, but cherry pick the best bits or bits they are interested in from the KS3 curriculum and think of new ways to learn them, for example, museum trips, experiments, cooking for fractions etc , and you can do this in the mornings, as one to one tuition is quicker than class learning, then your teen can do his/her own thing in the pm, maybe go to a club, sport etc. I am a secondary teacher currently a SAHM, I have taught 3 kids who entered secondary after homeschooling just for the 2 GCSE years, and I have to say they were brilliant.

Sheridan Hi Frances, This is Gill here, one of netmums parent supporters and an adviser for the Advisory Centre for Education (ACE).

One of the nice things about it is that you can do the GCSE's taht are not often offered at school, like archaeology, classics, and so on.

But your teen would have to undertake a committment to learn, as it is expensive putting your kid through GCSE yourself.

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